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Has Cain driven Charity to suicide? Emmerdale’s Jeff Hordley reveals all

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The plan was for Cain and Charity to leave Emmerdale together. But, as Jeff Hordley reveals to Soaplife, Cain decides he wants Moira and heartbroken Charity comes up with another plan

Cain and Charity leave Emmerdale – and then he dumps her and goes back to the village! Is Charity so broken-hearted that she kills herself? Jeff Hordley hopes not…

Aren’t things good with Cain and Charity? “They are. They’ve both agreed to leave the village for a new life together and Cain very much thinks this is the right thing to do. He even suggests they leave early. They’re going to France to be with daughter Debbie [Charley Webb] and the grandchildren, and he’s looking forward to that.”

So what happens? “Cain has this moment of clarity. It’s as if somebody throws an ice-cold bucket of water over him and he thinks, ‘What am I doing with Charity when I should be with Moira?’. Suddenly, he realises he’s making a really bad decision and he tells Charity [Emma Atkins] he can’t go with her.”

How does Charity react? “She goes ballistic and she makes threats. She tells Cain he’ll never see her or Debbie again if he goes back to the village. He feels terrible for having strung her along. He did think it was the right thing to do at the time. But, once he’s seen the light, there’s no turning back. He gives her the car keys and he asks her to say ‘Hi’ to Debbie.”

emmerdale, charity dingle

Devastated Charity can't face life without Cain… (Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Is he worried by her threats? “Charity’s always playing games and making threats so he pays no attention.”

But then the police turn up to say Cain’s car is at the bottom of a lake… “A tiny part of him worries Charity might be dead. But he thinks she’s probably done this to his car to get back at him.”

What will Cain do next? “He’ll try to win back Moira [Natalie J Robb]. But it may be too late for that.”

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