Who’s the daddy?! Emmerdale’s Liam Fox reveals Dan Spencer denial over paternity shock

Emmerdale Dan Spencer Daz Spencer

Emmerdale actor Liam Fox has revealed that Dan Spencer is in bits when he discovers his brother Daz Spencer’s HUGE betrayal.

Emmerdale star Liam Fox has talked to Soaplife how Dan reacts when he finds out his brother Daz slept with his ex Ali Spencer... And a DNA test could show Daz is Amelia’s father!

What’s the story?

It’s truth time when Daz Spencer and Kerry Wyatt find the DNA letter that will tell them who Amelia’s biological father is… And poor Dan, Daz’s brother, is terrified!

“He is conflicted,” revealed actor Liam Fox. “No matter what the results are, he will always see himself as Amelia’s father.”

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Liam Fox’s interview with Soaplife

Soaplife: How is Dan feeling in the wake of ex-wife Ali’s death?

Liam Fox: “He is devastated, but the main focus of his sorrow has been Amelia. He’s really trying to protect her. She has this religious aspect to her character that Dan finds a bit bizarre, but it does help at times like this.”

S: Did Dan ever suspect that Ali slept with Daz?

LF: “No. He finds out this week and the news comes as a complete and utter shock.”

S: How does Dan feel when he finds out?

LF: “It’s a tough one for him. Imagine finding out all these years that your kid may not be yours. In the long run, he believes that he will always share a strong bond with Amelia, even so, he is dreading the results of this DNA test.”

S: Is that why he throws the letter in the bin?

LF: “It’s like anything in life, sometimes you don’t want to hear bad news. It is a natural instinct that a lot of blokes have. He is very much 50/50. He doesn’t know what to do. Part of him wants to get rid of the letter and forget all about it, but he also wants to know the results.”

S: How will he deal with it if Amelia is Daz’s?

LF: “I think there would be a bit of a journey for him. It would be how Amelia deals with it that would determine how they’d relate as father and daughter.”

S: Is he angry with Daz?

LF: “At this point in time, he hates him. They’ve always had a love/hate relationship and it is not a complete surprise that he slept with Ali. Daz can be as nice as pie one minute and snide the next.”

S: Can the brothers get over this hurdle?

LF: “At the moment, Dan feels there is no coming back for him. He wants Daz out of his life forever. Years ago Daz tried it on with Kerry but they got over that, so who knows which way it will go. They are two sides of the same shirt really. Daz is a shady character who can be lovely and Dan is a bob-along character who can also be nasty.”

S: Would Dan tell Amelia if he is not her dad?

LF: “He wouldn’t want to, but would realise it would be the right thing as she’d find out one day.”

S: If Daz is the father, would Dan want him in Amelia’s life?

LF: “No, but Amelia’s needs come first. She has lost a mother and there is a chance that she’ll find out that somebody else is her real dad – she could lose her mind.”

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