Emmerdale’s Danny Miller: 'I would advise Aaron to walk away from Robert'

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Aaron Dingle is running out of ways to save his sinking marriage to Robert and he turns to drugs to cope. Actor Danny Miller believes the pair should split up

The Robron marriage continues to crash from one rock to another… Robert Sugden reveals to Aaron Dingle that he made a lot of money without telling him about it and, of course, there’s Robert’s cheating with Rebecca White, who is now pregnant with his baby… which they find out is a boy. Aaron is buckling under the strain and buys drugs, only to bin them and start self-harming again.

“Aaron needs to find a way to release his anger,” Danny Miller told Soaplife. “He is struggling. It is so hard because he thinks that Robert should be a man and stand by Rebecca, but he is still trying to forgive him for cheating.”

And then there’s the money…Where’s that come from?Robert [Ryan Hawley] had this investment thing with Lawrence [John Bowe] and has made a lot of money. Aaron is angry as it is another thing he lied about. He thought Robert was skint… All the time Sarah [Debbie’s daughter and Robert’s niece] needed money for treatment Robert didn’t say anything.”

So Robert burns the money! “It’s in a briefcase and he tries to prove to Aaron that he matters more to him than money by throwing it onto a fire. Aaron helps Robert get the money out of the flames and they agree to pay it into the bank.”

But that leads to more trouble, right? “Yes. They see Rebecca [Emily Head] at the roadside, with her broken-down car. Robert keeps driving but Aaron makes him stop. He’s a mechanic and thinks he can help but he can’t. Rebecca is on her way to hospital for her baby scan so Aaron suggests that Robert takes her.”

But Aaron’s not really happy with that, is he? “He has had enough. He realises that Rebecca and the baby will always be a presence in his life and wants to block it all out. The last time he managed to deal with things was by taking the drug spice, so he calls his former cellmate, Ethan, and asks him to get some.”

And? “Ethan comes to the village with Jason, who beat up Aaron in prison. Jason sees it as an opportunity to further intimidate Aaron and walks into his house uninvited.”

But Aaron doesn’t use the drugs, does he? “He sits there and thinks about it while Robert is in the pub, but realises that if he does, he will be living that criminal life again and he doesn’t want to go there. He decides to go back to self-harming as a way of dealing with things.”

Will Robron survive? “I don’t know. I would personally advise Aaron to walk away from Robert as Rebecca’s baby will be a constant reminder of the fact he cheated. There is so much to overcome.”

Emmerdale, ITV