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DEATH in Emmerdale tonight – but who dies? Is Aaron crushed to death? Or is Gerry murdered?

Aaron Dingle in Emmerdale, cast shot

Will the B&B collapse on Aaron? Or is Lachlan set to strike again?

Emmerdale will tonight see the death of a popular character, but fans are wondering whether they'll watch Lachlan White murdering Gerry Roberts or Aaron Dingle being the victim of a tragic accident. Or, someone else altogether meeting their maker?!

Gerry has to be the number one candidate to die. Lachlan is desperate to stop his mate blabbing to his girlfriend Belle that he caused the fatal car crash, which claimed the lives of his mum, Chrissie, and granddad Lawrence.

And Emmerdale itself has supported this theory by previously releasing a trailer that saw Gerry being lured to a dangerous building site at the B&B. The trailer appeared to end with Gerry screaming and Lachlan praying, with the tagline “How far will Lachlan go?”

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However, could this all be a gigantic red herring? Could Aaron die?

Earlier this week, Diane spotted a crack above the B &B door and Doug initially tried to fix it himself, before calling in the builders - but the work still hasn't been done, leaving the building in a precarious state.

So, does the whole building collapse on an unfortunate victim? Aaron is noticeably absent at Paddy and Chas’s engagement party at The Woolpack – is that because he’s been crushed to death?!

Of course, it could be someone else who meets their maker. Perhaps Doug is crushed?

Find out tonight in Emmerdale!