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Emmerdale gets its biggest audience in five months as Chrissie outs Aaron and Robert

Emmerdale got its highest audience since February, as nearly six million viewers tuned in to see the villagers find out about Aaron (Danny Miller (opens in new tab)) and Robert’s affair.

Oh, the look on the faces of those in The Woolpack pub, when Chrissie (Louise Marwood (opens in new tab)) turned on Aaron.

“Are you happy now?” she screamed at him.

That brought Robert (Ryan Hawley (opens in new tab)) running out from the back, begging her to keep quiet and talk to him in the back room.

“You’ve been having an affair with a man,” she told him. “You think I want to talk to you?”

And eyebrows shot up all over the pub - proof that no one’s had any plastic surgery in this village.

It was brilliant.

And Emmerdale boss Kate Oates (opens in new tab) promises it’s going to get even better.

“I see trouble ahead for Robert,” Kate says. “This story will keep going into autumn.”

And, remember: Robert still has that gun he shot Paddy (Dominic Brunt (opens in new tab)) with - and now he's an angry, desperate man, with nothing left to lose.

Emmerdale (opens in new tab) continues on ITV, Monday, July 27, 7.00pm.