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Emmerdale star Isabel Hodgins: Victoria Barton spills Matty's secret to Abby!

Emmerdale spoilers! Victoria Barton accidentally tells Matty's new girl he's trans!

Abby learns Matty's secret, thanks to Victoria, reveals Isabel

It’s Matty Barton’s birthday next week in Emmerdale, and he’s on top of the world as he hangs out with hot new girlfriend Abby – that is, until Victoria Barton blurts out to the brunette that her new love interest is transgender, reveals Isabel Hodgins, who plays her.

Matty had wanted to tell Abby in his own time, and is furious that his best mate has blabbed.

The initial plan is for Matty and Victoria to spend the day together. Victoria’s chuffed, having developed a secret crush on her pal, and books time off from The Woolpack especially.

Emmerdale - Victoria Sugden and Matty Barton

But in the meantime, Matty receives a text from Abby, asking if they can get together. He tells her it’s a yes but fails to put Vic in the picture.

The following day, Matty and Victoria go for a drink together, but Vic’s in for a shock when Abby turns up. "Matty just says, 'change of plan,'" explains Isabel. “She’s upset and jealous.”

Matty and Abby are all over one another, and when he finally has a minute alone with Vic, he reveals that he’s going to tell his new girlfriend about his transition.

Victoria’s nervous on Matty’s behalf, and when she later sees Abby crying, she puts two and two together and assumes she has responded badly to Matty’s announcement – not realising that Abby’s had an upsetting phone call.

“Victoria has a go at Abby for not understanding – and in doing so, reveals his secret,” adds Isabel. “Abby is like “What?” and Matty thinks Victoria has betrayed him, because it was his story to tell.”

Poor Vic is left mortified. Will Matty forgive her faux pas?

Emmerdale continues on ITV.