Emmerdale: The Barton boys meet their long-lost mum!

Finn's reunion with long-lost mum, Emma was short-lived, after his dad, James and brothers, Pete and Ross warned him off any further contact with the woman they haven't seen in over 20 years.

But this week in Emmerdale, there's a shock in store when Pete, Ross and Finn accidentally come face-to-face with Emma during a night out! Emmerdale stars Anthony Quinlan (Pete) and Joe Gill (Finn) tell us more...

Emma is back! But why is Finn the only one who wants to meet her?

Joe: "It’s been a whirlwind year for Finn. Before coming to the village, he had his brothers and he had his dad. But he didn’t have a lot of female company around. But he’s lived under Moira’s roof and seen that mother and son relationship between Moira and Adam. He’s also spent a lot of time with Val who he gets along with well. So I think that triggered in his head, Moira and Val are like mother figures. But who is my real mother? He also had the near-death experience where he got spiked and left in the car to die. Realising he could have died without seeing his mum knocked him for six. So that’s why he set out to meet this woman."


Pete is not happy when the brothers accidentally bump into Emma at a gay bar in town!

Anthony: "Pete has been a bit of a father figure to Finn because James was so busy working on the farm. They’ve been without their mum for 22 years and Pete is reluctant for her to come back. He thinks they have done fine without her so far, what’s the point? She’s not been there throughout their childhood. There’s a strong divide between the brothers. Finn is asking questions, why did she leave? Ross isn’t usually a character to care about anyone but himself. He would probably play it down and pretend he isn’t bothered but he’s sat on the fence about this. He is intrigued about the situation. Pete, being the eldest has witnessed arguments between James and Emma and knows about the real reason Emma left the family all those years ago..."

What's your first year on Emmerdale been like? The Barton boys have been very popular!

Anthony: "It’s gone so fast. But we’ve been really blessed with the storylines we’ve been given over the past 12 months. The Emmerdale team and the viewers have invested a lot in the Barton family, so it’s been good."


Joe: "It doesn’t feel like 12 months. It’s strange. Its been the quickest year of my life. But the best at the same time. It’s been storyline after storyline, especially With Gillian Kearney (Emma) coming into the show now. That’s what you want as an actor and hopefully there’s a lot more to come."


What reaction do you get from fans? Do the Barton boys hang out together?

Anthony: "We do go out together on occasions. But the whole cast is close. It does sound like a cliché but we are like a family unit. It’s a great place to work."

Joe: "We have had some nights out together...all civilised, of course!!"

Catch the awkward family reunion in Emmerdale from Monday 12th January on ITV.


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