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Emmerdale's Gillian Kearney: 'Emma's obsession with getting James back is like an illness'

Emmerdale actress Gillian Kearney tells Soaplife that Emma is furious that James is still hankering after Chas…

Did Emma think she and James would reunite after sleeping together?

"Yes, she felt it was a natural progression. They are married, the feelings are still there and James [Bill Ward] signalled that he wanted the same thing as Emma when he slept with her."

Does she feel bitter about it?

"I don’t think she is aware of how manipulative she is being. She is very genuine in her desire to have her family back. Emma lies to get herself out of problems, which doesn’t make her a bad person in her own book."

Does she feel closer to James when they both try to persuade Finn to stay in the village?

"She does, yes. But then, that night, they go out and bump into Chas [Lucy Pargeter] and Aaron [Danny Miller] in a bar. Chas takes to the dance floor and really goes for it, dancing flirtatiously in front of James. Emma is wound up when Finn [Joe Gill] suggests that Chas and James will get back together."

What does Emma do next?

"She distracts James by pretending to be mugged. She tells James she was attacked and had her purse stolen, but all that happens is she's accidentally shoved by some youths."

Does her plan work?

"Partly, because James is concerned about her, but then she overhears Chas and James arranging a trip to France. She is furious."

Will Emma continue to try and get James back?

"Yes, she won’t stop. She can’t help herself and will fight any which way to keep the Bartons together. Her obsession with getting James back is almost like an illness."