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Emmerdale's Lucy Pargeter and Ryan Hawley talk Chas and Robert's escalating hostility (VIDEO)

Chas has unknowingly put herself in deadly danger, since she threatened to expose Robert and Aaron's affair to Robert's unsuspecting wife, Chrissie. Determined to protect his deadly secrets, Robert is ready to do whatever it takes and has already tried to bump off Chas... twice!

"If Chas knew what Robert was really capable of, she'd get in there and stand up to him," reckons Lucy Pargeter, who plays Chas. "There's no way she'd go, 'Oh, he's dangerous!' and back off. Chas has never done that in her life."

But while Emmerdale viewers wait to see if Robert will finally be exposed for the part he played in the death of Chas's best friend, Katie, at Wylie's Farm back in February, Ryan Hawley who plays Robert isn't giving anything away...

"That's what keeps us on our toes. If I tell you anything, I'll have to kill you!" he laughs.

Check out our video chat with Ryan and Lucy as they tell us why there's no love lost between Robert and Chas and don't miss the latest happenings in the village, weeknights on ITV.