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Things turn ugly when Priya sees the photo of Chrissie and Rakesh, says Emmerdale's Fiona Wade

Priya Kotecha, Emmerdale

Emmerdale star Fiona Wade tells Soaplife how Priya reacts when she discovers that Rakesh isn’t the man she thought he was…

Rakesh Kotecha is on his way home from India, but it won’t be bunting and hugs he’ll be greeted with – his wife Priya Kotecha is on the war path in Emmerdale.

She thinks husband Rakesh is having an affair with Chrissie White, so  she greets him with a slap, explains Fiona Wade, who plays Priya…

How is Priya feeling about her marriage? “She is sad that Rakesh has been away. Her eating order has started up again, so she really needs his support. She is looking forward to him coming home and is trying to do things to help with the money situation, like help to sell The Mill.”

Does she know exactly how much money trouble he is in? “She has no idea that he is in it so far over his head. She thinks they are waiting on the insurance money for the flat. Priya believes that Rakesh is a bit low because his business hasn’t taken off yet.”

What would Priya do if she knew how bad it was? “She would be incredibly shocked and hurt. She has given Rakesh a lot of chances and will be really hurt if she finds out that he didn’t have the courage to own up.”

Why is her bulimia back? “It’s an illness that doesn’t go away and will come back in times of stress, anxiety and pressure. She is finding it really hard and hasn’t really told Rakesh about it. It’s a struggle; she is trying to stay positive and thinks she has a handle on it.”

What makes Priya suspicious of Chrissie? “Rakesh and Chrissie have had a friendship that she has always been suspicious of. Priya tries to put it to the back of her mind and is trying to organise a welcome home/birthday party and Chrissie makes a few comments, which lead her to think there is something going on.”

What happens next? “Priya sees this picture of Chrissie and Rakesh on Chrissie’s phone from when she got him to sleep with her for money. This confirms everything for Priya and she’s mad. Rakesh gets home thinking he is going to get a nice warm welcome and she goes crazy.”

Does she realise how desperate he is? “No she doesn’t. Viewers will really feel for Rakesh. His credit card is declined at the B&B and he really doesn’t want to let Priya down.”

Can they get out of this mess? “The problem is, Priya has to protect herself and Amba. All this is making her sick and she has been so hurt before. There is some great drama ahead for both characters. You will have to wait and watch to find out what happens. It would take a lot of energy from Priya to get Rakesh to where he needs to be and she is not 100 per cent herself.”