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Jai won't be impressed by Nikhil and Leyla's romance in Emmerdale!

Leyla has been trying to move on from her affair with Emmerdale love rat Jai Sharma, despite his attempts to win her back. But after a flirtation with Jai's businessman brother, Nikhil, will Leyla get the ultimate revenge by dating Nikhil for real?

Meanwhile, a familiar face shows up in the village...


Her teenage son, Jacob, has returned! Jacob was brought up by Leyla's sister Alicia and moved to Portugal with her when Alicia left the village last year. But now Jacob is back to visit Alicia's ex-hubby, David, and help out in David's store...


With Jacob back in the village, Leyla hopes she might be able to repair her relationship with the teenager, since she missed playing mum for so long. But Leyla's gutted when Jacob reveals he's decided to live with David instead of moving in with Leyla.


Can wedding planner Leyla find a way to get things back on track with her son now he's back in the village? All mixed-up, Leyla is touched when Nikhil gives her some advice.


Nikhil has taken a fancy to Leyla and is desperate to date her. It would also hit his horrible brother, Jai, where it hurts. But is Leyla interested in Nikhil's charms?


Things heat up between Nikhil and Leyla over a lunch date at The Woolpack and the pair later kiss passionately! Could this be the start of the next big village romance? Find out in Emmerdale from Monday, January 18 on ITV.