Mike Parr: 'I had to lie to my own family and sneak in and out of Emmedale!'

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Pete didn’t kill Ross! But he’s going to wish he had before his bad boy brother is through with him, says Emmerdale’s Michael Parr...

How is Ross going to make Pete pay for leaving him for dead?

“He has a plan to get Debbie [Charley Webb] all to himself… It involves a gun and a fake suicide note - but this time the body will be Pete’s. Ross is furious with Pete.”

How did Ross survive Pete’s battering and burial?

“He was found by somebody walking their dog. Ross had a different passport on him, the one Cain [Jeff Hordley] gave him, so everyone thinks he’s called Stephen. That’s how he managed to go under the radar. When he woke up, he didn’t remember much, but he instantly knew he wanted to do something about Debbie and Pete!”

What did you think of the public’s reaction to Ross’s ‘death’?

“It was funny as people were saying things to me like, ‘You’ll get something bigger off the back of this!’ Then people were making stuff up. There was a petition to save Ross, which I was grateful for. But, of course, I always knew the plan was for me to go, then come back.”

Did you go into hiding?

“I was sneaking in and out of Emmerdale. I couldn’t risk being seen. I even had to lie to my own family. I was making up stuff on Twitter and saying things like ‘I have an audition…’”

How does Ross feel about his son, Moses, now?

“Even though he’s good with kids and he has a great relationship with April, it’s no-strings-attached so he can swan in and out as he pleases. With Moses it’s different and he feels tied down. It doesn’t suit him and there’s a little bit of resentment. He doesn’t particularly want to be a dad at the minute.”

Will Ross kill Pete (Anthony Quinlan)?

“Who knows? Nobody is a murderer until they’ve killed somebody. Ross is very dangerous and angry. He’s had that anger all his life because he’s felt like the odd one out.”

Does he still love Debbie?

“Yes. There are genuine feelings there. They’re a very volatile couple and they don’t really know how to handle each other. He loves Debbie, but getting her will also be part of his revenge against Pete.”

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