Priya wants rid of Rakesh…but he doesn’t go quietly, says Emmerdale’s Fiona Wade

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Priya confesses to Rakesh that she cheated on him and tells him their marriage is over in Emmerdale… But she’s still paying for his criminal behaviour, reveals Fiona Wade

If it weren’t for rapist lawyer Pierce, then the worst husband in Emmerdale would be lawyer Rakesh. And his life of lying, cheating and stealing has become too much for his wife Priya, who admits that she slept with another man and doesn’t love him any more. “It doesn’t go down great,” Fiona Wade tells Soaplife. “Rakesh goes a bit crazy and wants to steal money and get out of the village.”

Does Priya feel guilty about sleeping with Pete? “Yes, it is not something she would have planned as Leyla [Roxy Shahidi] is her best friend and he is Leyla’s boyfriend. I think that is what she feels worst about; she has fallen out of love with Rakesh [Pasha Bocarie]. I think it is a symptom of that.”

How does Rakesh react when she tells him? “He gets very angry and thinks her other man is David [Matthew Wolfenden].”

What are Priya’s feelings for Pete? “It is just somebody else who in that moment was in the same place as her. She finds him attractive, but hasn’t fallen in love with him at this stage.”

What does Rakesh do next? “He steals her notebook with all her bank account passwords and tries to steal money at the factory. Her brother Jai [Chris Bisson] turns up and Rakesh threatens to take Priya down with him if he doesn’t come up with a lot of cash. She knew he set the fire that nearly killed Nicola and covered for him. Deep down she does think it was a mistake to stand by him for so long.”

Does Jai pay up? “No, he tricks Rakesh and gives him £50, so then he goes to Home Farm and tries to blackmail Lawrence into giving him £50,000 [Lawrence helped set up Andy Sugden when he was shot and Rakesh knows].”

But it’s Priya who’s arrested when she tries to cover for him again! “She feels awful, she is in shock as she has never been in trouble before. It is really scary. She has been covering for Rakesh, but does she tell the truth and land him in it? It is an awful time for her.”

Will she turn to Pete (Anthony Quinlan)? “They can’t keep their hands off each other so it is going to get complicated. Let’s just say it’s dangerous.”

Do you think she should be single for a while? “The trouble is, she is a guy’s girl and wants to be in a relationship. I don’t think it will be long before she’s with someone. However, you will see more of the Priya she was before marriage. The fun and feisty Priya.”

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