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The assault is 'every mother's worst nightmare', says Emmerdale's Louise Marwood (VIDEO)

When Chrissie and her family moved into Home Farm last year, they were hoping for a fresh start. But the Whits have been plunged into a living nightmare now Chrissie's 14-year-old son Lachlan has been accused of sexual assault by Alicia Metcalfe.

"It's horrific," says Louise Marwood, who plays Chrissie. "At the beginning it's the ultimate betrayal from a friend, Alicia, who she was quite close to and was a bridesmaid at Chrissie's wedding. For Chrissie, it's a difficult question of whether she's at fault. It's a very difficult situation for any mother to have to go through."

However, since Lachlan has a history of dark and twisted behaviour, how long will Chrissie stand by her son before she accepts the terrible truth about what he's done?

As Emmerdale's shock new storyline unfolds, we chat to Louise Marwood about the drama in store for her character, above.

The aftermath of Alicia's ordeal continues in Emmerdale, weeknights on ITV