VJ gets pranked and ends up with his arms in casts!

VJ Patterson wakes up in hospital with two broken arms, he asks Mason Morgan what happened in Home and Away?

When VJ is persuaded into having a bucks night at Salt, the drinks flow in Home and Away… The next day, the groom wakes up with a hangover - and in hospital with his arms in casts!

With his wedding looming, VJ's not got many nights left to go out on the town as a single man in Home and Away. But when his fiancee's brother Ash suggests a bucks night, VJ is just not up for it.

But Ash isn't about to take no for an answer and, soon, VJ is in Salt where the drinks are flowing freely. As more and more guys arrive, Ash is full of jokes about what they're going to 'do' with his future brother-in-law.

VJ's worried but as the drink takes hold, he forgets about Ash's banter and instead takes the bull by the horns and climbs onto the roof of the life-saving buggy! When the rest of the bucks realise what he's up to, they try to talk him down before he gets hurt. But he's too drunk to listen and, instead, he dives off!

The next day, he wakes up, not only with the hangover from hell but in hospital with both arms in casts!