Nicola gets carried away and kisses Dan in Emmerdale!

When Dan offers to give Nicola King physio sessions in Emmerdale, one thing leads to another!

Following her accident in the fire and her partial paralysis, Nicola Kings's self-esteem is at an all-time low in Emmerdale.

Jimmy infuriates her with all his mollycoddling, but when Dan offers to give her some physio sessions, his no-nonsense approach is just what Nicola needs.

As the first session gets underway Dan gives Nicola a huges boost, but as the pair chat and Dan compliments her,  Nicola makes an impulsive move and leans in to kiss him! How will Dan respond?


NIcola lunges forward to kiss Dan. Will he kiss her back?

Earlier on, Nicola confides in Dan and tells him she feels "less of a woman" ever since her accident happened.

She's upset that Jimmy no longer finds her attractive and their relationship has shifted from husband and wife to carer and patient.

Dan is hugely supportive and assures Nicola that she's definitely all woman as far as he's concerned! As Dan continues to bolster her self-esteem, Nicola becomes increasingly appreciative and in the heat of the moment she leans in to kiss him!

But Dan's shocked and knows instantly it's not a good move. He tells her they should put a halt to any further physio sessions. However there's no denying there's definitely a spark of attraction between him and Nicola.

When Jimmy and Kerry arrive on the scene Nicola is full of guilt. Meanwhile, Kerry suggests they all get drunk and decides to practice some physio moves of her own with Jimmy as a guinea pig! Will Kerry pick up on the awkwardness between Nicola and Dan? Watch Emmerdale on ITV from Monday, August 1