Will Zak and Joanie's wedding go ahead in Emmerdale?

Joanie has serious doubts about the nuptials when Zak Dingle makes a blunder in Emmerdale

Joanie's looking forward to her Big Day with Zak Dingle in Emmerdale, but when her other half gets sozzled on his stag night, there are repercussions.

As Zak staggers home from The Woolpack, worse for wear, he takes a tumble into a bush. It's Joanie who comes to his rescue and helps pull him to his feet, but how will she react when her hubby-to-be mistakes her for Lisa!?


A nervous Zak waits at the church for Joanie, but starts to panic when she's a no show!

Earlier, an excited Joanie goes to collect her dress, but Belle feels terrible when Joanie sees the stain caused by the teen throwing red wine on it! How can Belle explain her actions?

Meanwhile, Zak gets stuck into his stag night, but goes overboard on the booze. He stumbles home from The Woolpack with his stags, Dan and Sam dressed as ballerinas, but suddenly trips headlong into a bush!

Thankfully his fiancee Joanie comes to his rescue, but as she pulls him to his feet she's shocked when he calls her Lisa!

An upset Joanie can't believe Zak's just used his ex-wife's name and is convinced her man still has feelings for Lisa.

On the day of the wedding, Lisa's surprised when Joanie turns up at her house.

She's even more surprised when Joanie makes a shock announcement. What has Zak's bride-to-be come to tell his ex?

Meanwhile, an anxious Zak waits patiently at the church with his best man, Sam.

As the minutes tick by and there's still no sign of Joanie, Zak can no longer hide his agitation.

Has Joanie decided she can't go through with the wedding? And if so, what will Lisa have to say about the whole debacle? Watch Emmerdale on ITV from Monday, August 8.