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Alf has a heart attack!

Alf Stewart in Home and Away

Justin panics when Alf has a heart attack in Home and Away

Tori just doesn’t have to deal with idle gossip; she is desperate to get her family settled and begins by volunteering Justin’s mechanic services to Alf, who is taking his boat out on a maintenance run. When Justin turns up to the job, Alf is in a foul mood, but during the sail, the pair begins to bond. Yet, things take a dangerous turn when Alf appears to be having a heart attack.

Nate wants to move on with his life after Ricky’s departure, so he starts by taking Casey’s cot apart and focuses on work. Later, he has to set the record straight at work when his friends blame Tori for the breakdown of his marriage.

Hunter is struggling to cope after finding out that Andy has confessed to the murder of his mother and heads to the police station demanding to see him. The police turn him away, but its clear that Hunter isn’t coping and when Olivia sees him, she is deeply concerned.