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Alfie and Jade gear up for their charity skydive!

Cindy wants to make a grand gesture to Dirk and drags him to the airfield where Jade and Alfie are doing their skydives. Alfie's terrified of getting into the plane but, with Jade by his side, they both jump on board. Jade and Alfie declare their love for each other as they jump out of the plane. Cindy points out her surprise for Dirk – a sign behind a plane saying: "Will you marry me, Dirk?” Dirk says "Yes".

Marnie and Freddie secretly kiss – but he pushes her away. Later, Alfie and Jade go to the hospital for their PET scan results and, while Jade's chemo has worked, Alfie hasn’t been so lucky. Meanwhile, someone’s downloading photos from the skydive and finds one of Marnie and Freddie's kiss…

Also, Maxine storms round to confront Adam about why he stood her up and they both realise they were lied to by Nancy and Darren. They go on a date to The Loft and Maxine is delighted when Adam wants to see her again.