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Alicia attends Lachlan's court verdict

*First episode

Emotions are running high as Lachlan’s trial takes place. Accused of assaulting Alicia, will the minor be found guilty? David’s desperate for Alicia not to attend, but she’s determined to face the teenager in court. Can she cope with the stress of it all? Chrissie, meanwhile, tells Lachlan his dad, Donny, was unable to make it. She’s lying.

Chas is alive and well and totally unaware that Robert was going to attack her while they were out searching for Aaron. She’s still planning on telling Chrissie about Robert’s affair with her son. But Robert has a plan B and phones a shady contact to contract out her killing! But when Chas decides to keep quiet about the affair, can Robert undo his killer instructions?

Priya is determined to reunite her parents but the factory open day puts paid to romantic plans.