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Amber and Daniel are back on

(Image credit: Heath McKinley Photographer)

In the wake of being knocked to the ground, Amber is stunned when Daniel finds her and believes it's a sign they belong together. Josh, meanwhile, is trying to solve the mystery of the man in the old photo, but his plan to get Amber back implodes when he finds Amber and Daniel in loving bliss. Imogen is sympathetic but is stunned to hear that for Joshua he is prepared to wait… Amber will be his again.

Cornered by Sue Parker, Paul scrambles to prove that he’s on top of the festival plans, when a man appears out of the lift to give him a belting. Later, Paul has no choice but to reveal he's the man in Josh's picture, there was no murder, only a potential relationship on the line. Later, the full truth comes out – Paul and Sue were both in the picture and they've been working together to bury the past and save Sue's marriage.

Cat is delighted to hang out with Toadie, but when Sonya does some digging, Cat’s cover story is blown and Toadie and Sonya get a heart-wrenching request – will they take Cat in, as her foster parents no longer want her.