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Amber and Daniel get hitched!

Daniel and Imogen go ahead with their low-key registry office marriage, but Imogen's parents arrive just in time to persuade them to have a ceremony at home with family and friends. Afterwards, Daniel says goodbye to Paul but leaves him devastated when he tells him he believes he caused the explosion. Meanwhile, Terese assures her daughter she will be fine but after waving her off she returns to an empty house.

Susan apologises to Sarah, but later picks holes in her reasons for coming to Erinsborough. Karl asks Sarah what's really going on, and she finally explains she was going to ask Karl and Susan to look after her son, Angus. She realises now, however, that it's too much to ask of anyone.

Tyler tries to keep Piper at arms length, but can't resist when she asks him to accompany her to the wedding. When Piper is moved by the speeches, she turns to him for comfort, but he bails on her. Later, she confronts him, forcing him to admit he thinks he's responsible for killing Josh.