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Anita and Me… and Me – BBC2

Anita and Me… and Me BBC2
(Image credit: BBC/Academy 7/Rob Hifle)

Meera Syal journeys back to the Black Country, the mining village where she grew up, followed by the the 2002 film based on her novel, Anita and Me

Meera Syal travels back to the small village of Essington in the Black Country to introduce her 2002 film Anita and Me, as part of the BBC’s Big Asian Summer season.

Visiting the site of her old family home, she recounts the characters and experiences that inspired the book on which the film was based.

We wanted to remind people what it was like for the first generation that came here and the first generation of kids like me who bridged two cultures,' she explains.

'I still get feedback from both British Asians and white people saying, "That was my childhood".'

She also reflects on how things have changed for young British Asians since then.

'All these years on, there are many more positive representations of who we are and of our culture,’ Meera says.

‘Whether it’s girls wearing Bindis going clubbing or curry being the nation’s favourite food, we’re here and we contributed.’

.Anita and Me follows, at 9.55pm.

TV Times rating: ****