Arthur gets some devastating news

Since being given the all-clear after having a cancerous mole removed and with his relationship blossoming with Morven, Arthur's acting like he can take on the world, prompting him and Dom to fall out. Arthur soon needs Dom's help, though, when he starts coughing up blood. Worried his cancer has returned, Arthur asks Dom to check him over. When Arthur emerges from a CT scan, he knows it's not good news. Already fighting back tears, Arthur's devastated when Dom confirms he has secondary tumours on his lungs – his cancer is back!

Arthur asks Dom if they can keep the news between themselves. Later, however, Arthur flees the operating theatre in panic, and runs straight into Morven, who's stunned when he tells her about his condition. Arthur know he faces a tough course of chemotherapy, but Morven reassures him they're in this together. But is Arthur ready to face the long road ahead?

Meanwhile, Adele must prove she's committed to Guy's neuro department. But when old friend, Linda Bradshaw (Denise Welch) arrives, and Adele learns her cancer is terminal, Guy reluctantly lets Adele assist the end-of-life care team in making Linda comfortable. Adele throws Linda a mini beach party with non-alcoholic cocktails. But when Guy accuses Adele of breaking hospital rules, Adele gives him a piece of her mind! As Linda deteriorates, Adele realises life’s too short – and that she's not happy…

Later, Adele tells Guy she wants to enhance the lives of those who are dying. Guy encourages her to train in end-of-life care nursing – but it seems the training won't be at Holby.

Also, after hearing the latest on Jed's court case, Cara's ready for a new relationship. Colleague Raf is firmly in her sights – but Fletch suspects all is not as it seems with Cara.

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