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Arthur's cancer scare!

With her father, Austin Shreve, rapidly deteriorating with advance liver disease, Morven knows a liver donor must be found soon or Austin will die. Unbeknownst to her, Arthur is secretly pushing forward with compatibility tests, hoping to become a live donor for Austin and save the day. As Essie conducts Arthur’s tests, however, she’s concerned by an irregular mole on his back and fears it may be cancerous. But all Arthur’s worried about is being a donor and thinks she’s just fussing. When he learns he IS a match for Austin, Arthur excitedly tells Morven!

Essie’s deeply concerned, though, and feels forced to bring Hanssen in to assess Arthur's situation. When Hanssen examines Arthur, he agrees with Essie – the mole has many worrying hallmarks. It must be removed and looked at under the microscope to determine if it's cancerous or not. Later, a shocked Arthur gracefully backs out of his offer to become Austin’s live donor, but decides he's not going to tell Morven why…

When a trauma case arrives on Darwin, army major turned general surgeon Bernie jumps at the chance to get involved. Used to practicing medicine on the frontline, Bernie’s soon breaking hospital rules, leading Hanssen to question if Bernie's ready to leave the army behind.

Also, when Jason's carer is injured in a minor accident, Serena's forced into making a decision about whether or not to bring Jason into her family.