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Ash and Brax confront Sam

Ash and Brax approach the town where Sam lives. They find him and bundle him into the car. Sam makes it clear he killed Dean and tells Ash he should be grateful he wasn't stitched up as well. Sam escapes and immediately calls the police.

VJ struggles to come to terms with Leah’s condition and feels everyone has moved on. Meanwhile, Sasha pretends not be excited about a package from Redside University in front of Matt. Sasha decides to hang a framed photo of Leah and Irene in the Diner. Irene loves the gesture, but VJ explodes and thumps Matt. 

Phoebe finds a rose outside the house, which she assumes is from Matt. On her way to Angelo's, she bumps into the boy whose been watching her and he says he's a massive fan of music. An unconcerned Phoebe brushes off John's warning, while Ryan, Phoebe’s admirer, sits on the beach watching her scandalous video, vowing to "take her away from all from this…"