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Ash gets in deeper with Gunno

Billie refuses to believe Ash killed Dean. This leads Ricky to suggest that she caused the problems, by testifying against Dean in the robbery court case. Billie leaves and it seems that Ash won't see his sister again. Later, Kyle returns back from the drop and stays tight-lipped. Billie realises that she put her brother in prison for a crime he didn't commit. Ash consoles his sister and asks her to keep in touch when he gets a phone call. Ash goes off to see one of Gunno’s henchmen who makes it clear Gunno is calling the shots.

Evelyn asks Josh about his childhood on Mangrove River while they look for Matt. They eventually find him drunk and persuade him to come home, but Matt starts an argument with Josh and falls into a pile of rubbish. Matt finally arrives home and falls through the door.

Also, Maddy and Irene watch a romcom with Chris, but he picks holes in the movie and storms into his bedroom. Irene hits the roof over his behaviour, but realises he’s lashing out after Spencer’s departure.