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Awkward! Carmel has drinks with Denise and Kush

EastEnders - Carmel Denise Kush
(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Carmel tries to be better the person by reaching out to Denise and Kush in EastEnders

Kim talks Denise into going to a quiz night at The Albert with her, Carmel and Kush. With the three of them forced to spend time together, it ends up being very awkward. Carmel’s solution to getting through the evening is drinking her way through it. Later, Kim asks Denise and Kush to join her and Vincent on holiday and Carmel gets the wrong end of the stick, thinking she’s been invited too!

The Carters are thrown by Shirley’s latest solution to sorting out their money troubles and try to talk her out of her scheme. Throwing themselves into arranging the Ladies Night, the Carters are surprised when Woody reveals he’s hired some strippers! Johnny catches the eye of one of the strippers, but is it all it seems?

Derek is struggling to get the hang of things at the Minute Mart, frustrating Honey. She is left even more exasperated when Derek invites himself along to the quiz night with her and Billy.

Also, Max takes Abi and Lauren for a drink, but they continue to bicker.