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Ayesha returns to work

(Image credit: BBC)

Still grieving the loss of her mother, Ayesha takes her anger out on everyone...

It's Ayesha's first day back at work after the death of her mum, Bren. As soon as she walks into The Mill she tells Karen that Rob will soon be sacked, leaving her stunned. However, Ayesha isn’t finished there, as she slams the door in Emma's face.

Then, at a staff meeting, Ayesha creates tension by making catty comments and complaining that she does the bulk of the work at The Mill. Will Mrs Tembe let her off the hook because she's grieving or will she put Ayesha in her place?

Also, Sid is left in dismay when he sees Megan still working at the surgery. He speaks to Mrs Tembe, who tells Sid that Megan said he's a fantasist and has been harassing her! Sid is left stunned and his only option is to convince Valerie to tell Mrs Tembe what she saw. Will Valerie back Sid up in his hour of need?