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Ayesha says goodbye to Sierra

(Image credit: BBC)

Ayesha's sad as she buys Sierra a suitcase to go to Aunty Tracy's. As Ayesha and Sierra make a cake, she hopes their last day together will be a happy one. She drops Sierra off at Tracy's and realises that it's the end of her precious time with her sister.

Professor Burroughs is teaching a class, sharing pictures of people from ethnic minorities. When a picture bearing a resemblance to Mrs Tembe appears his muscles seize and he falls to the floor. He explains his wife was from Jamaica and Mrs Tembe bears a striking resemblance; the attacks may be brought on by guilt, as he wife only passed recently and he is already finding other women attractive. Zara tells him it's OK to move on.

Jimmi and Heather enjoy their date but, when a stranger asks them how long they have been together, Heather replies 10 years. Heather decides they should do a spot of karaoke and sings Copacabana. Jimmi goes to kiss her but she rejects him before she kisses him passionately.