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Babies – Netflix


Netflix’s new six-part documentary series Babies uses groundbreaking scientific research to tell us how babies learn to live

Anyone who’s had a baby knows they’re a complete mystery and they rarely do anything by the book; Netflix’s new documentary Babies proves just that!

This fascinating series follows 15 families from different countries over the first year of their babies’ lives and, thanks to groundbreaking science, reveals (almost) everything you ever wanted to know about these tiny humans.

There are some eye-opening revelations, including the fact that babies can grow up to 1.5cm in 24 hours, and that human kindness is innate, not taught by society.

It’s not heavy on the science, though – a sprinkling of Netflix magic, plus following the families through the highs and lows of parenthood, makes it an easy and enjoyable watch. 

Isaac, Josh and Eric Babies

Isaac, Josh and their son Eric are featured in new Netflix documentary Babies

They families include two UK-based couples – Rachel and Adam, and their baby Willow, and Isaac and Josh, and their newborn Eric.

‘You’ll never look at a baby in the same way again,’ says series editor Sara Brailsford.

‘They’re not little blobs who don’t do anything.

‘They’re enormously successful learning machines, who are learning from the moment they are born.’

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TV Times rating: ****