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Is Belinda’s business going under?

EastEnders Belinda Slater Stacey Slater
(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Belinda has to think of a way to bring some more money into the salon FAST in EastEnders

Stacey is stunned to discover that Elysium is in serious debt. When Stacey goes through the finances with Belinda, she finds a letter about Belinda’s divorce decree. Feeling down about the financial mess she’s in, Belinda is grateful when Carmel gives her a pep talk. Later, she does a presentation to Mick and Linda, hoping to secure some investment.

Lauren realises she needs to find a way to stop the Beales finding out about Steven cooking the books. She approaches Jane with an idea to distract her from getting too involved with the finances at the restaurant.

Carmel and Masood are finding it difficult to adjust to living together. When things become too much, Carmel makes some ground rules about their living arrangements.

Also, things get off to a bad start on the day of Kim’s theory test.