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Are Ben and Madison a couple?

Ben Kirk in Neighbours

Sheila assumes the worst when she sees Ben and Madison together

Sheila vows revenge on behalf of her granddaughter - but what she doesn’t realise is that Madison is helping Ben prepare to serenade Xanthe at the pigeon race ceremony. Will Sheila's action push Xanthe and Ben further apart?

Paul's on a mission to derail Terese's big day but is having zero luck, until an offhand quip from Toadie gives Paul a final idea – to put the cat amongst the pigeons. Literally.

Susan's surprised to see Piper on detention, and decides to switch Ben and Piper's English assignments. Her suspicions are confirmed when Ben's paper, with Piper's name on it, is given a low mark. Can she get Elly to apologise to Piper?

Also, Ned's shocked when Bree shows up telling him his ex Regan wants to see him.