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Has Ben Mitchell uncovered Luke Browning's big secret?

EastEnders - Ben Mitchell Jay Mitchell
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Ben Mitchell finds a business card in Luke’s wallet that leaves him with big suspicions about what exactly Josh is up to in Albert Square.

Ben finds out that he’s accidentally taken Luke’s wallet. When he looks inside he finds out something about the nature of Luke’s business that leaves him worried… Has he discovered what Luke is plotting with Willmott Brown?

Karen, Keanu and the kids are feeling miserable. Not only are they shaken after the visit from the loan shark Lloyd, they also have no electric. In the Vic, Linda notices that Karen is upset and she offers her a shoulder to cry on. When she discovers the dire financial situation that Karen’s got herself into, she asks Mick if they can help. But with money tight, can they really help the Taylors?

Whitney wonders if she’s rushing into marriage again too soon and tries to talk to Woody about it. After discussing Whitney’s fears with Stacey, Woody decides to give her a bit more space.

Also, Joyce and Ted are in court but what will the verdict be?