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The Bermuda Triangle Enigma - Channel 5

Bermuda Triangle Enigma

Richard Edwards and Ortis Deley present a three-part documentary on the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

Why has the Bermuda Triangle got such a terrifying reputation?

This three-part documentary, showing across three nights this week, explores some of the strange events that have been recorded in the notorious area between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico.

In tonight’s programme, Fallen from the Sky, presenters Rick Edwards and Ortis Deley (pictured) investigate bizarre occurrences in the skies above the Triangle, including the disappearance of five naval aircraft in 1945.

In tomorrow’s episode, Lost at Sea, Rick and Ortis probe strange seafaring incidents, including the lost naval cargo ship, USS Cyclops, which vanished along with all 309 crew in 1918. Not a single item of wreckage was ever found. Then the presenters go beneath the surface on Wednesday in Secrets of the Deep.

TV Times rating: ****