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The Big Audition - ITV

What’s on telly tonight? Our pick of the best shows on Friday 5th October The Big Audition - shows chihuahua Queenie Woof Woof
(Image credit: Twenty Twenty/ITV)

An entertaining new six-parter - The Big Audition takes a peek at the nail-biting audition process from dogs on modelling shoots to Henry VIII lookalikes

What is it really like to audition for a West End show, or get a gig as a model or even a stunt double?

The Big Audition on ITVs lifts the lid on the audition process by following a variety of budding performers all hoping to get their big break.

First up, online pet shop PurrfectlyYappy is looking for a canine model.

Fashion-conscious Chihuahua Queenie Woof Woof, seasoned pro Archie the Westie and cute Brussels Griffon puppy Cyril are in the running, but your heart will be lost to one-eyed rescue dog Daisy.

The Big Audition - shows the line-up of auditionees

Auditionees: (l-r) Darcey Whittington, Daisy, Laura Tyrer, Gareth and Mason McLaughlin, Linda John-Pierre, Tony McMahon, David Templer, Elisabeth Cammell, Francie Macrory, and Gaz Keenan

Which pup has what it takes to be a star?

Meanwhile, a series of suitably majestic ‘Henry VIIIs’ try to land a plum gig at Hampton Court Palace.

In this week’s opening episode, TV Times follows several nervous hopefuls as they channel their inner Henry VIII in a bid to land a job portraying the Tudor tyrant in historical reenactments at Hampton Court Palace.

Here, two of the aspiring Henrys, William Mitchell, 34, and Tony McMahon, 55, tell us about their dream of playing Britain’s most infamous monarch…

TV Times asked them what made them want to audition for the role?

The Big Audition - shows William auditioning for Henry VIIII

William steps up as Henry VIII

'A friend saw the ad and said, "William, you need to do this – you are Henry VIII!"

'I’m a tour guide and Hampton Court Palace is one of my favourite places to go, so I thought it’d be great to be a historical interpreter there and bring history alive rather than just pointing the interpreters out to my tourists,' says William.

Next up, Tony tests his acting chops

Next up, Tony tests his acting chops

'I’m an amateur history buff and have appeared on history programmes and written books, so playing Henry would be quite an experience.' says Tony.

'I went to Hampton Court as a kid and still remember a guide telling me, ‘This is where Catherine Howard pleaded with Henry not to cut off her head.

' It would be great to give young people now something they remember for just as long.'

TV Times rating: ****