The Big Family Cooking Showdown

Big Family Cooking Showdown

Two new families enter the kitchen, but will their cooking be up to scratch?

The Codougan family – mother Jacqueline, daughter Chantal and son Dom – certainly liven things up with their singing and dancing during this week's heat, but while Rosemary Shrager is amused by the entertainment, what will she and co-judge Giorgio Locatelli make of the Codougans' Caribbean offerings, made using ketchup and tinned veg?

Meanwhile, Pat King – who's competing with husband Mark and daughter Jackie – could only boil eggs when she got married.

Now, it's sea bass, mussel chowder and truffle mash among other things.

But even posh cooks face pitfalls in the kitchen.

'There's nothing worse than overcooked guinea fowl,' she says.

Yes, Pat, we couldn't agree more…