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Brax faces 20 years in prison

Ricky is furious with Ash for hiding the money at Angelo's, as it looks as though Brax will be sentenced for a crime he didn't commit. Brax defends Ash as it was his decision to bring back the money. When a warrant is issued for Ash's arrest as an accessory to murder, Brax confesses to the murder to protect Ash and is sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Nate tells Denny that Hannah needs more support than she can provide and offers Hannah a bed at the hospital - an offer Hannah rejects. Denny tells Andy that Hannah needs him and, with Denny’s words ringing in his ears, he decides to fight for Hannah.

Maddy is sick of being treated like a patient, so Oscar organises a romantic dinner to take her mind off things. The pair decide to end the night with a kiss when Maddy’s nose starts bleeding. Oscar feels responsible as he feels Maddy is pushing herself too hard.