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Brax's lawyer focuses on Dean

Brax has decided to plead not guilty, despite having no evidence to prove his innocence and Ricky organises a beach party for his last night of freedom. The trial begins the following morning and Brax's lawyer is desperate to find evidence to discredit Sam as a witness. Ash reveals that Sam and Dean were involved in a fight that left Sam in hospital. Brax's lawyer is hopeful they can use the incident to prove that Sam had a motive.

Nate receives divorce papers from Sophie and lashes out at Andy. Kat steps in and asks Nate if he would like to have coffee and explain his behavior. He confesses he isn't ready to give up on his wife but Kat tells him Sophie is moving on. Nate eventually signs the divorce papers.

Josh is upset about Brax's trial and calls Evelyn several times, but she is too busy helping Oscar with Maddy's fundraiser. Josh feels neglected by Evelyn in his hour of need, but forgives her when he finds out why she's missed his calls. He even offers to help with the fundraiser.