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Brendan hits Ste!

As Brendan arrives in court he's irked that his attempt to make Kevin change his plea has backfired. Brendan maintains his innocence and pleads not guilty to ABH and sexual assault. But with everything going against him, Brendan's frustrations boil over with devastating consequences...

Meanwhile, Seamus offers Cheryl an offer to rival Nate's proposal when he announces he's put an offer in for The Dog and wants Cheryl to run it with him, but will it be enough to keep her from her manor house in Ireland? Outside, Ste likens Brendan to Seamus. Uncontrollable, Brendan beats Ste to a pulp.

The Osbornes are ecstatic as they plan the re-opening of the pub to tie in with Cheryl's engagement party, but Darren is being over-confident about getting his license and their celebrations are short-lived when they hear some shocking news.

Also, as Walker learns the magnitude of Kevin's deceit, Kevin is in mortal danger.