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A Very British Country House – C4

A Very British Country House - staff in front of Cliveden Hotel
(Image credit: Adam Lawrence)

A Very British Country House follows the staff of Cliveden House, a prestigious hotel in a Grade One listed building in Berkshire. A VVIP is about to arrive and provides unprecedented publicity.

Behind the scenes at the prestigious Cliveden House Hotel in the new Channel 4 documentary A Very British Country House

For the first time in its 350-year history, Cliveden House in Berkshire opens its doors to cameras in a new four-part series.

It’s May and the luxury five-star hotel’s 162 staff are busy prepping for a ‘VVIP’ whose identity has been kept from them.

A Very British Country House

Sean, Head Sommelier

When Meghan Markle arrives on the eve of her wedding to Prince Harry, the media exposure she generates prompts an unprecedented number of enquiries.

A VERY BRITISH COUNTRY HOUSE - shows Ben and Katie with Pepi

Bloggers Ben and Katie drinking champagne in their bedroom with their pet Pomeranian Pepi

General manager Kevin, butler Michael, wedding planner Lydia and sommelier Sean are among the colourful cast of characters creating a memorable experience for all the guests, among them bloggers Ben and Katie and their pampered pooch, Pomeranian Pepi.

Katie writes on her blog: 'Cliveden House feels like a home away from home for us. Our last stay was with Aston Martin for a short getaway and Ben and I both fell completely in love with it. Driving up the tree lined drive, past the extravagant shell fountain with the gravel crunching under the tyres feels as though we’re stepping into our very own period drama. Only the cars parked out the front give away the secret that this house is a little piece of history planted in the middle of the twenty-first century.'

TV Times rating: ****