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Can Marilyn figure out Zac's secret?

Marilyn in Home and Away

Marilyn spots Zac with a mystery woman and tries to get to the bottom of who she is

Zac leaves a family dinner early, when he receives a text from Sam. Zac claims he has to do some work, but Marilyn sees him with Sam and she sees him giving Sam a kiss on the cheek. The next morning, Marilyn spots Zac and confronts him about the mystery woman - but can she get to the bottom of his secret?

Tori struggles to cope with Nate's decision to leave Summer Bay due to his feelings for her, but Duncan tells her she can’t blame herself. Later, Tori meets Marilyn and the pair discuss Nate's decision to leave The Bay. Can Tori persuade Nate to stay?

Also, Hunter is nervous about his English exam, but Olivia and Zac try their best to reassure Hunter he will be fine. However, on the morning of the exam, Hunter does something stupid and jeopardises his academic future…