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Can Shirley talk round Nancy?

(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Nancy packs her bags in a fury after Shirley's announcement that Dean will be moving in. Begging Nancy not to leave, Lee suggests she put on a brave face for Mick and Linda's sake. Ladies' Night at the Vic kicks off with the entertainment and the bar is packed. When Dean heads behind the bar to help, Nancy is tipped over the edge and she heads out.

Following Nancy, Shirley explains she can't let down Dean again. Nancy tells Shirley she thinks Dean and Linda had an affair, as she knows they kissed. Promising Nancy that Dean won't go behind the bar again, Shirley convinces Nancy to return. As Dean toasts Shirley as 'Queen of the Vic', Mick and Linda enter. The party is over...

Sonia is not enjoying Ladies' Night as talk turns to happy marriages. As Sonia discreetly leaves, Tina follows. Opening up to Tina about her divorce, Sonia and Tina share a charged moment, but Sonia quickly hurries home. Meanwhile, after Fatboy's exploits with Denise are revealed at Ladies' Night, he leaves... and gets it on with Sonia!

Also, Shabnam tells Kush she's taking Masood's place in the race.