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Carol gets close to Buster!

(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Sonia accompanies Carol to her hospital appointment. Holding in her emotion when she learns there's no sign of the cancer recurring, Carol is hesitant when she's asked about breast reconstruction. Stepping in on Carol's behalf, Sonia declines for her. Frustrated with her family tiptoeing around her, Carol seeks sanctuary with Buster. After opening a bottle of wine, the pair reminisce about their teenage years. Carol is flattered when Buster proclaims she's good company and a good-looking woman.

After Carol leaves Buster, Shirley gets home and finds a bra down the back of the sofa. Finding out that Buster and Carol spent the afternoon getting drunk on the sofa, Shirley marches over to Carol's to confront her. Already in the middle of a fight with Sonia for returning home drunk, Carol spits out that she slept with Buster!

Shabnam and Kush break the news to a shocked Masood and Carmel that they're going to have a baby. Masood is angry that Shabnam is happy to keep the new baby, while still rejecting Jade. Opening up to Masood, Shabnam then agrees to report her attack to the police. Meanwhile, Kush meets with Stacey, insisting he must be with Shabnam now she's expecting his child. A gutted Stacey takes second choice, telling a delighted Martin that she wants to be with him.