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Casualty - BBC1

Casualty BBC1
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The fall-out from the recent tragedy affects the whole department, and Iain's taking it particularly badly, prompting him to make a big confession to Jan

Wow, we really didn’t see last week’s shock twist coming!

Neither did Sam’s colleagues, who must come to terms with her untimely death tonight.

Jacob’s managing to hold it together but Iain is devastated.

Not only is he mourning his friend, he must also face up to the fact he walked away from suicidal patient Mia.

Will his job be safe once Jan finds out the truth?

And will Ruby lie for him?

Casualty BBC1

In the aftermath of Sam's death, will Ruby cover for Iain?

Meanwhile, Sam’s ex-husband, Dylan, is coping better than you might imagine, even though David and Connie are worried about him.

But we fear trouble is on its way in the form of an old friend of his from AA – Ciara…

TV Times rating: ****