Casualty MISSING EPISODE spoilers: Connie faces deadly danger!

Connie and Jacob in hazard suits in Casualty's missing episode
(Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

Spoilers for missing Casualty episode in FULL. Connie takes CHARGE and Dylan makes a terrible mistake…

This is not a drill

Earlier this year a dramatic episode of Casualty was pulled from the schedules due to it’s sensitive nature. This week the special called ‘Code Orange’ about a chemical poisoning that sends Holby into lockdown makes it’s debut…

Warning: Contains spoilers about Casualty favourites Connie, Jacob, Dylan, Marty, Ethan, Will, and Fenisha.

The missing links

Paramedic Fenisha decontaminates after treating patients affected by an unknown nerve agent

Code Orange! Pregnant Fenisha's secrets come to light in Casualty's missing episode (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

This Saturday on BBC1 at 9.20pm we finally get to see Casualty’s missing episode - which fills in the blanks about Marty Kirkby and his father’s fractured relationship, and just exactly how Will Noble discovered best pal Ethan Hardy was father to his ex-girlfriend Fenisha Khatri’s baby!

There’s also some touching pre-recovery mentions of Charlie Fairhead and another chance for viewers to see Connie Beauchamp and Jacob Masters working closely together before they hooked up…

Connie leads the way

Clinical lead Connie Beauchamp and her team are baffled when unconscious mother and son Naomi (Debbie Cameron) and Aaron Johnson (Gus Barry) are admitted to the ED but fail to respond to treatment…

Not long afterwards Julia Ford (Coronation Street’s Kate Anthony) is admitted with similar symptoms. Secretly pregnant paramedic Fenisha makes the connection, and Connie (Amanda Mealing) realises they’re possibly dealing with a deadly nerve agent!

Connie, Jacob, Jade and Dylan in PPE ready to treat patients

Cool-headed Connie leads the way in Casualty's missing episode... (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

With a show of strength, fearless Connie leaps into action, announces a ‘Code Orange’ lockdown, calls the police, and sets up a decontamination area outside the ED. And the staff, including Casualty favourites Jacob Masters, Dylan Keogh, Ethan Hardy, band together to save patient lives, battling to work under intense stress and cumbersome Personal Protective Equipment.

‘I think it was the right thing to do not to show this difficult episode. It was the sensitivity of the timing,’ Amanda Mealing, told What’s on TV when the episode was first removed from the schedules. ‘But it would have been a shame to lose it completely.’

Marty’s HIV scare

Unhapy Marty runs into his dad Graham at the Casualty ED

Unhappy reunion... Marty is shocked by his dad's behaviour and collapse! (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

Meanwhile, before going to work, young nurse Marty Kirkby (Shaheen Jafargholi) gets tested for HIV. He arrives late at Holby ED and gets a dressing down from Jacob, but pal Jade Lovall is on hand for emotional support.

Later in his shift, Marty bumps into estranged father Graham (EastEnders star Phillip Wright). The atmosphere between them is tense as homophobic Graham, who has disowned Marty, continues to reject his lost and lonely son.

Graham is at the ED because he found neighbour Julia collapsed at her home. Unaware he’s also become contaminated, ill Graham collapses! Is Marty about to lose his dad?

Baby bombshell

Will and Ethan fight outside the ED!

The moment of truth. Angry Will confronts Ethan in Casualty's missing episode... (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

Elsewhere, there’s friction between Will and Fenisha. He still can’t believe their relationship is over. Fenisha goes on the defensive and refuses to tell him who the father of her baby is.

When Connie announces Lockdown in the ED Will (Jack Nolan) is worried for secretly pregnant Fenisha, who refuses to stop working. Will tells Ethan why Fenisha should be removed from duty!

Slowly Ethan pieces together that Will isn’t the baby’s father, and that he very well could be… Later, Will sees Ethan and Fenisha deep in conversation and works out the truth!

Dylan’s disaster

Dylan and Jade in deep decontamination shower

Lucky escape? Will Dylan and Jade face the horrors of exposure? (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

Meanwhile, Dylan Keogh (William Beck) and Jade (Gabriella Leon) work together under intense circumstances.

Disaster strikes when Dylan’s faulty protective gear causes him to become unbearably hot. With a patient crashing, and Jade unable to lip read through Dylan’s fogged PPE, in a moment of panic Dylan takes off his hazmat headgear. He then goes into shock when he realises what he’s done!

Can the team contain this major crisis?

This episode of Casualty airs on BBC1, Saturday 26 September 2020 at 9.20pm

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