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Casualty spoilers: Connie Beauchamp confronted by furious Jacob

Connie Beauchamp's claws are out in Casualty
Connie Beauchamp's claws are out in <a href="/casualty-home/" data-source-seowords>Casualty</a>, making her a nightmare to work with but delicious to watch! (Image credit: BBC)

Connie Beauchamp finds herself on the sharp end of Jacob Master’s temper in Casualty this week, while Jan Jenning becomes a drug dealer

Connie Beauchamp is taking no prisoners this week in Casualty [and we know Amanda Mealing is leaving], while Jan Jenning finds herself in a terrifying prison predicament!

Warning: Contains Casualty spoilers about Connie Beauchamp, Jacob Masters, Tina Mollett, Jan Jenning, Leon Cook, Grace Strachan-Beauchamp, Charlie Fairhead, and more...

Connie Beauchamp on the warpath

Connie Beuchamp is speechless when she witnesses a loved up Jacob and Tina outside the ED

Jacob's romance with Tina is a slap in the face for Connie Beauchamp... (Image credit: BBC)

Connie Beauchamp is consumed with jealousy as Jacob Master’s new relationship with Tina Mollett blossoms in front of her eyes this week. When she sees the happy couple flirting outside the ED Connie being Connie takes her grumpy mood out on the ED team, who are left running and ducking for cover!

At first Jacob (Charles Venn) refuses to hear a bad word against his former lover, but when Connie is rude to Tina, after she reveals she will be working some shifts in the ED, he sees red and insists on speaking to Connie alone.

Connie (Amanda Mealing) and Jacob have an intense showdown about everything from her behaviour to how they broke up. Will their true feelings finally be unleashed?

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Jan Jenning kickstarts a life of crime

Jan is terrified as she enters Ross's prison in Casualty

Caught in a trap? Terrified Jan Jenning becomes a drug dealer in Casualty (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

Paramedic Jan Jenning gets the call she’s been dreading from her son Ross West. It’s time to make a drugs drop at the prison where Ross is jailed!

Recently the normally moral Jan (Di Botcher) reluctantly agreed to smuggle in prescription medications so save her son from vicious attacks from other prisoners, who’ve discovered she’s a paramedic.

On Saturday it’s revealed that Jan has been secretly squirrelling away pills and this week she sinks to new self-loathing lows when she steals pain medication from a deceased patient.

On an illegal phone Ross (Chris Gordon) reveals arrangements have been made to engineer an accident at the local prison and Jan must attend the call.

Ross makes an illegal phone call to Jan from prison

Mum's the word... Ross orchestrates Jan's life of crime from inside (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

While on shift, Jan is a bundle of nerves and takes it out on trainee paramedic Leon Cook, who she’s partnered with for the day.

Eventually Jan and Leon are called to attend an inmate with lacerations to his throat. The petrified paramedic is on edge as she struggles to distract Leon, treat the prisoner patient, and deposit the drugs in his cell - all under the watchful eye of a prison guard.

Afterwards Jan breathes a sigh of relief, but soon realises her nightmare is only beginning…

Ross calls to say his cronies are demanding she get ready for another drug drop…

Also in Casualty this week

Jacob decides between Connie Beauchamp and Tina

Decision time. Jacob chooses between Connie Beauchamp and Tina Mollett (Image credit: BBC)

New dad Ethan Hardy is on cloud nine, which leads Charlie Fairhead and Rosa Hide to bet about his relationship with Fenisha. But soon word spreads and the wager gains a life of its own! Rosa is delighted, but Charlie is quietly uncomfortable. Will there be repercussions?

Ffion is deeply hurt when Jan abruptly cancels their plans together in order to work instead. Will Jan’s police officer wife realise something isn’t quite right?

Despite ending up as Jan’s whipping boy this week, kind-hearted Leon puts his paramedic boss’s snappy temper down to being overworked. But his attempts to help Jan backfire. Could he unwittingly be in danger while she makes the drugs drop?

Elsewhere Connie’s daughter Grace is once again left to her own devices as Connie’s consumed with work. But the big question is, is Grace still pining for Leon?

Meanwhile, Connie (before their argument) confides in Jacob about what happened between 16-year-old Grace and Leon. Jacob’s unexpected reaction takes her by surprise!

Will Tina (Adele James) feel threatened by Connie and Jacob’s past before this week’s shift is over?

All will be revealed when this episode of Casualty airs on 06 March 2021 on BBC1.