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Casualty spoilers: Duffy’s devastating diagnosis revealed

Will Charlie turn his back on Duffy during her darkest hour
Will Charlie turn his back on Duffy during her darkest hour (Image credit: BBC)

Duffy gets life-changing news, Connie gives new doctor Archie a piece of her mind, and Dylan’s delighted by his new medical trial!

It’s a heartbreaking week for Duffy in Casualty, as she faces her worst nightmare after months of uncertainty. Meanwhile, Connie is taking no prisoners – not even with her friends! And new doctor Archie is hiding a secret…


Duffy diagnosed with dementia

Charlie is left speechless by Duffy's shock diagnosis

Charlie is left speechless by Duffy's shock diagnosis (Image credit: BBC)

Duffy faces her worst nightmare this week. After agonising months, filled with anxiety, a nasty fall and unsettling memory loss - including forgetting estranged husband Charlie Fairhead’s birthday - the courageous nurse finally gets the results of several recent tests. Unfortunately it’s sad news, as expert Dr Willis (Doctors’ Roger May) reveals she’s in the early stages of vascular dementia.

Dr Wallis wants to run more tests to confirm the diagnosis, but given the nature of the illness he advises her to inform her employer. The problem is, Charlie is her boss! In a state of shock Duffy heads straight to work, with the weight of Dr Willis’s words ringing in her ears…

Worried about her abilities to carry out her nursing duties, during her shift Duffy is extra careful. Unfortunately this puts her into conflict with Charlie who criticises the length of time she’s taking to clear beds! Realising she can’t keep her secret any longer, Duffy asks to speak to Charlie alone in his office where she tells him everything.

Will shocked Charlie be able to forgive the past and comfort heartbroken Duffy when she needs him most?

New ED doctor Archie arrives with aplomb!

Connie gives Archie a harsh warning on her first day

Connie gives Archie a harsh warning on her first day (Image credit: BBC)

What’s the opposite of a warm welcome? New registrar Archie Hudson finds out when Connie Beauchamp catches her parking her car without a hospital permit before even entering the ED!

Archie doesn’t waste any time in making a bad impression with the rest of her new co-workers either. Elle’s aghast at her arrogance and ambition, Duffy disapproves of her bedside manner, and Connie catches her giving grief to a patient! Only Jan is impressed with Archie, for reasons that remain under wraps for now.

It soon becomes clear that Archie (played by talented TV newcomer Genesis Lynea (opens in new tab)) is hiding a secret about why she’s moved to Holby. What could it be?

Lord of the flies

Jade and Dylan discover a shared interest

Jade and Dylan discover a shared interest (Image credit: BBC)

For once Dylan Keogh is the happiest doctor in the ED. He’s engrossed in larval debridement trials – that’s using maggots to heal wounds to the rest of us.

Junior nurse Marty is repulsed by the treatment, but his contemporary Jade is fascinated and ‘worms’ her way into Dylan’s good books by getting involved.

What the Elle is wrong with Connie?

Why is Connie keeping Elle at arm's length?

Why is Connie keeping Elle at arm's length? (Image credit: BBC)

One day they’re the best of friends, and the next Connie is keeping her distance from consultant Elle Gardner. This week Connie is reluctant to reveal that Elle’s acting clinical lead period resulted in decent results and stats.

She also tasks Elle with taking care of unpopular newbie Archie. Could Connie’s coldness be something to do with her recent attack, or has she somehow found out about Elle’s secret affair with Ric Griffin?

Also this week

Duffy isn’t afraid to speak her mind to anyone who crosses her – namely Archie and a badly behaved patient!

Charlie reacts to Duffy’s diagnosis in an unexpected way.

This week's guest stars include Doctors’ Donnaleigh Bailey and The Bill’s Andrew Paul.

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