Casualty Spoilers: Fenisha’s shock wedding in special double episode

Here comes the Bride. Fenisha in her wedding dress
Here comes the bride! Is Fenisha hitched? Find out in our Casualty spoilers... (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

A special double bill of Casualty reveals Marty’s mission to catch Ciaran and Fenisha’s wedding hell…

BBC1 treats Casualty fans to two episodes of the popular medical drama this Saturday. Casualty spoilers for both episodes below!

Warning: Casualty spoilers about Marty Kirkby, Fenisha Khatri, Ethan Hardy, Jacob Masters, Iain Dean, Jan Jenning, Charlie Fairhead, David Hide and more…

Casualty episode airing Saturday 29 May 8.50pm on BBC1

Marty’s justice mission

Marty is shocked when Jade phones from the ED with tragic news about his mum

Marty is shocked when Jade phones from the ED with tragic news about his mum (Image credit: BBC)

Marty Kirkby is on a mission to expose Ciaran Coulson’s negligence. He enlists Jan Jenning, who goes undercover at Ciaran’s clinic to prove he’s in breach of proper practice. It’s all going swimmingly until Marty (Shaheen Jafargholi) attacks Ciaran!

The reason for Marty’s reaction? He discovers his mum, Bibi, has overdosed due to the pain of her botched operation...

Ciaran caught out

While undercover Jan (Di Botcher) ascertains that Ciaran is in breach of regulations. She confronts him and reveals she’s reporting him. Shortly afterwards, however, Marty attacks Ciaran… Will this scupper their plans?

Ciaran is facing financial ruin thanks to Jan and Marty. Can he talk his way out of trouble?

Ciaran is facing financial ruin thanks to Jan and Marty. Can he talk his way out of trouble? (Image credit: BBC)

Marty finds it difficult to talk to his mum after her heartbreaking suicide attempt. Then Ciaran (Rick Warden) turns up at the ED and offers Marty a payoff to help with Bibi’s medical care. Will he accept?

Jacob loves Tina!

Jacob's at breaking point in this week's Casualty...

Jacob's at breaking point in this week's Casualty... (Image credit: BBC)

Jacob Masters is under intense pressure from management to reduce waiting lists and treat patients more quickly. But when he uncharacteristically demands even more from the Holby ED nurses Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson) has something to say!

Tina, however, realises how much Jacob is struggling and manages to re-engage him with his patients. 

Jacob (Charles Venn) is impressed and moved that Tina (Adele James) has gone out of her way to remind him that it’s nursing, not paperwork, that’s important. 

At the end of a very difficult shift the couple have a smooch (a tender moment made possible with the help of Charles Venn’s wife standing in as Adele James’ double!) and reveal their deepening feelings for each other. 

Could this be love?

Also in this episode of Casualty

Mariah Louca guest stars as Becky Cormett

Mariah Louca guest stars as Becky, who is attacked in her own pub in Casualty this week (Image credit: BBC)

There’s a touching guest storyline starring Caroline O’Neill (Endeavour) and Mariah Louca (Redisplacement) as mother and daughter Jane and Becky Cormett.

And Jan discovers that no good deed goes unpunished when she tries to help Marty…

Casualty episode airing Saturday 29 May 9.30pm on BBC1

Tonight’s second episode is quite the shocker, revealing Fenisha’s runaway bride past (complete with a The Graduate-style bus escape) and introducing her ex-fiance Matthew!

Fenisha’s flashbacks

Fenisha on her wedding day in Casualty

Cold feet! Fenisha has second thoughts on her wedding day... (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

Fenisha Khatri is full of surprises and in this episode of Casualty the paramedic’s shocking past resurfaces and threatens her future with Ethan Hardy!

In the second of two episodes showing on Saturday the truth about Fenisha (Olivia D’Lima) unfolds after she attends a medical emergency at a church. On arrival Fenisha freezes and is reluctant to enter the building as she flashes back to her younger self in a wedding dress walking down the aisle. 

The mystery deepens in the ED when Fenisha’s patient Lucy Afolami (The Bill and Small Axe star Cecilia Noble) accuses her of killing her husband!

Iain Dean to the rescue?

Fenisha runs for the bus in her wedding dress

She can run but she can't bride... Fenisha makes her wedding day escape (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

Distressed Fenisha runs out after Lucy’s accusations - only for Iain (Michael Stevenson) to see her and realise something is wrong. Fenisha brushes Iain’s concern off and sets out on another shout out, but before she can leave the hospital grounds bumps into Matthew - her former fiancé!

With the shocks coming thick and fast, Fenisha turns to Iain for support. She confesses that eight years ago she jilted Matthew (Lucky Man star Osi Okerafor) at the altar, stole their honeymoon tickets to Bali and didn’t return for four years! 

Ever since Matthew’s mum Lucy has blamed Fenisha for the death of her husband Tony (played in flashbacks by Geff Francis, star of Desmond’s, Ashes to Ashes, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker).

More shocks for Fenisha

Osi Okerafor as Matthew, about to be jilted at the altar in Casualty

First look: Osi Okerafor as Fenisha's new love interest Matthew. (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

Fenisha’s practically speechless when Matthew reveals he’s working at the ED as a locum registrar. When sparks fly with her ex the confused paramedic asks Ethan (George Rainsford) how he’d feel if something were to happen between her and Matthew. 

Ethan lies and insists he’d be happy for Fenisha and is content with their arrangement coparenting baby Bodhi. Deeply hurt by Ethan’s rejection, will Fenisha turn to Matthew?

"Fenisha is a mystery! We’ve heard nothing about her, apart from the day she turned up," says Olivia D’Lima, who plays her. "This story about her past is really interesting - it’s very exciting to learn more about her!"

Also in this episode of Casualty

Will Rash discover the Hides are keeping secrets in Casualty?

Will Rash discover the Hides are keeping secrets in Casualty? (Image credit: BBC)

David Hide (Jason Durr) brings Ollie into the ED hoping Dylan Keogh can get to the bottom of why his son is continually suffering from headaches, nausea and insomnia. With Dylan (William Beck) a no-show Rash Masum (Neet Mohan) offers to investigate Ollie’s symptoms. 

As the shift unfolds Rash witnesses David and Rosa (Jacey Salles) constantly fighting over how best to help Ollie (Harry Collett) while the teenager becomes more and more withdrawn…

Is there something sinister going on in the Hide household?

Elsewhere, Marty and Jan put aside their differences from the previous episode when Marty realises he’s been manipulated by Ciaran. Meanwhile, he sets about organising a new protocol to help patients that come into the ED suffering from complications caused by vaginal mesh procedures.

BBC1’s special double bill episodes of Casualty air on Saturday 29 May at 8.50pm and 9.30pm.

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