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GIANT fireball! Who dies in Casualty road disaster?

Casualty Embargoed until 00:00:01 07/08/2018
Will anyone survive at the scene of the disaster? (Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

Casualty spoilers: There’s carnage in Holby after a tragic multi-car collision results in multiple fatalities…

Last week’s Casualty ended on a shocking cliffhanger when the ambulance carrying paramedics Iain Dean and Ruby Sparks, and badly injured doctor Alicia Munroe violently flipped on it’s side. This week we discover Iain, Ruby and Alicia have been involved in a devastating traffic accident, putting the brave medics’ lives on the line…

Casualty Embargoed until 00:00:01 07/08/2018

Paramedics Sam and Iain battle to save lives at the scene of the crash. Are they in danger? (Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

Shaken but alive, Iain frees himself from the overturned ambulance, only to be greeted by scenes of death and destruction. With Ruby trapped in the ambulance with Alicia, Iain calls for urgent back up. A major incident is declared and soon Iain’s joined by doctor Dylan Keogh (Will Beck), paramedics Sam Nicholls (Charlotte Salt) and Jan Jenning (DI Botcher), and the local fire service. But the horror is only beginning. One of the vehicles in the collision is a fuel tanker that could explode any minute!

Who will live and who will die? Read our interview with Michael Stevenson, who plays Iain

Meanwhile, it’s all hands on deck back at Holby ED as clinical lead Connie Beauchamp, doctors Ethan Hardy, Elle Gardner and Rash Masum, nurses Jacob Masters, Louise Tyler, Robyn Miller, David Hide, and Duffy and Charlie Fairhead all spring in to action. Receptionist Noel Garcia is also on hand to lend support.

Casualty Embargoed until 00:00:01 07/08/2018

Death stalks Casualty! It's a day of life and death decisions for Holby ED's medics (Image credit: BBC)

As casualties from the crash come in thick and fast, the team face a series of complicated injuries and complex cases. When friends and colleagues involved in the crash start to be admitted everyone is determined to keep up a professional front in heartbreaking, emergency circumstances, but will it prove too much for some?

Also this week, Ethan comes to terms with the news about Alicia’s rape ordeal involving newly-suspended doctor Eddie McAllister. Can he forgive himself and be the friend Alicia needs in this time of crisis? At the crash rookie paramedic Ruby struggles in the face of catastrophe. Will she rise to the challenge when faced with death and disaster? And Iain blames himself for inadvertently causing the crash…